#1: How we speak about Russia matters

Episode 1 March 18, 2022 00:53:43
#1: How we speak about Russia matters
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#1: How we speak about Russia matters

Mar 18 2022 | 00:53:43


Show Notes

This podcast episode opens up the discussion on the current Russian War in Ukraine. Utterly shocked with the Russian military aggression, Russian-background feminist scholars at the University of Helsinki Dr. Anna Avdeeva (Swedish School of Social Science), Dr. Daria Krivonos (Center of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives), and Dr. Margarita Zavadskaya (Aleksanteri Institute) meet to discuss the current state of affairs in Russia.


Standing against the war and trying not to take space and voices of the Ukrainian people and scholars, the discussants aim to provide more information on the variety of the positions, views, and processes in contemporary Russia in order to secure a more nuanced and multidimensional understanding of the situation.


The discussion touches upon Russian protests against the war and the protesting potential of Russians, the academic community's response to the discussed event, ethical choices, and the need for the decolonisation of the Russian and Eastern European studies as well as their language. 

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